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About Us

About Us

The beginnings of National Strap & Buckle began from the necessity of our parent company, Cut Form LLC, needing to source a manufacturer in the US of Berry Compliant webbing and plastic hardware. From there, we decided that it would make a lot of sense to sign on as a distributor and service manufacturer working exclusively within the American Cord & Webbing family, one of the oldest manufacturers and distributors in the US. Because of their extremely tight quality standards, ISO 9000, expert staff, and high quality customer support service, we were pleased to be brought on-board their network. Not only are we able to manufacture with their robust facility capabilities but we are also able to source virtually anything worldwide ranging from metal hardware, hook and loop, thread, cording, and other commercial products related to the niche markets we serve. Our website shows only a fraction of what's possible with NSB and ACW!


Pick Our Brains!

We have seen virtually every type of product come to life and with that comes multitude of questions answered. If there's something you're working on that we might be able to help you with and possibly source for you, give us a call and we will happily tell you if we have the answer!